Order information for RHODOHYPOXIS and x RHODOXIS

Click here to download an order form in PDF format. PLEASE READ INFORMATION BELOW.

Orders and dispatch

All Rhodohypoxis listed are grown on our nursery and orders are accepted subject to availability. Bulbs* listed are anticipated to be of flowering size unless indicated otherwise. All the Rhodohypoxis sold are produced by vegetative division and should  therefore be true to type. However, if we unwittingly provide bulbs which are not true to name we will replace them if we have them available or issue a refund (please see 'Problems', below).
Many of the bulbs (especially the cultivars) are large and have many buds per bulb in which case the price quoted is per bulb. Others are naturally small in which case we will supply several bulbs for the price quoted.

Place your order by post by downloading and printing the order form and sending a cheque (See 'How to make payment'). Minimum order £10.00 excluding P & P. We are sorry, but we do not currently post outside the E.U. (different postage rates to the E.U. will apply).

Please list a few alternatives if acceptable, as some varieties are very popular and soon sell out.

PLEASE NOTE : Bulbs are sent out from March to the end of April when they are beginning to break dormancy so we can be sure the stocks are viable after their rest period and feel conditions are correct for good establishment. For this service we charge £5.00 POST AND PACKING . Consequently if you order before these dates please post-date the cheque to the beginning of March to save the cheque becoming out of date at the time of dispatch. We will not cash your cheque until the order is ready to send so please remember to POST-DATE the cheque. Thank you.
N.B. We would like to stress that we will NOT start posting the plants until they are showing signs of growth and we are sure we are sending live, healthy plants. The date when we will start posting plants will therefore vary from year to year depending on the weather conditions etc. We will endeavour to keep customers informed when possible.

Alternatively, if you wish to receive them after we have potted them, during their growing season (from approx. May onwards), POST AND PACKING will be £10.50 to allow for the extra weight of the compost etc. For orders over £35.00 please contact us for the cost of postage.

Depending on the time of the year and / or the size of the plants we will do one of the following –
1. If early in the season we will remove them from their pots, if possible remove surplus compost depending on the amount of root growth, wrap them in moist, absorbent tissue and place the rootstock in a plastic bag. They will then be packed carefully in a box and posted.
2. If later in the season we will send them in their pots packaged in ‘blister packs’.

It is helpful if you advise us of dates when delivery is inconvenient to you to avoid the parcel being left in unfavorable conditions inside or outside your home. Your telephone number and/or email address is useful so we can contact you if there is a problem with your order.

How to make payments

We request that you pay by a 'limited open cheque' i.e. a signed and dated cheque with the cash amounts left blank and the words "not to exceed £X" (the X number being the maximum anticipated cost of the plants plus postage, in words and figures), between the vertical lines in the centre of your cheque. This is a safe method as the cheque cannot be filled out for more than your maximum, but can for less. It helps in the event of any bulbs being unavailable and the total cost of the order being different.

Reminder about Post and Packing

Just to reiterate, please add £5.00 for the cost of postage and packing for dormant bulbs (from early March to early April ) or £10.50 once in active growth - unless orders are over £35.00 (in active growth) in which case please contact us for a quote on postage .

If you expect to be out when the delivery arrives please be precise about where you would like the goods left.

On Receipt

On receipt of your order please unpack as soon as possible and preferably pot immediately into a suitable, free-draining substrate (see catalogue / cultural information page for advice and recommendations). If this is not convenient and they are in plastic bags, open the bag and place them somewhere cool (but frost free in spring) until you are able to plant the bulbs or pot the plants. Please do not leave them in wet conditions or allow them to desiccate.


If any plants are unacceptable to you on arrival please send them back immediately and we will refund or replace them. We will also refund the return postage. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase and come back to us again each year.

Please note: Due to reasons beyond our control we have to remind you that all plants offered are for ornamental purposes only and should not be consumed!

* Rhodohypoxis consist of 'corm-like' structures but for ease of use are referred to in this catalogue as bulbs.