About Tale Valley Nursery

We are a young, small, specialist nursery located in the Tale Valley between Cullompton and Honiton in the beautiful Devonshire countryside.

We have both worked in the horticultural industry for over 20 years and have experience in various aspects of horticulture, working with and raising plants.

All the plants we produce are grown and propagated on the nursery. We grow our own stock-plants and propagate from these either by division or seed. We then sell the off-springs when we know we are in a position to advise a customer of their cultivation requirements.

It has always been our intention to produce high quality plants and provide a keen, reliable service to our customers. Our aim is to have time for our customers and to treat them on an individual basis. We would therefore appreciate, and indeed need, your feedback on our plants, service and website.

Our aim is to grow in an environmentally friendly way including using peat-reduced composts and collecting and recycling water.

Pests are controlled by the use of biological controls whenever possible and diseases kept to a minimum by good plant hygiene, growing techniques and the use of pro-biotic bio-stimulants to enhance plant growth and health.

The rural setting of the Nursery means the surrounding area is a wildlife haven and we frequently see deer, foxes, rabbits, and a wide range of birds from the smallest of Goldcrests to the much larger Buzzard in our adjoining field. We hope to encourage these through an environmentally friendly maintenance regime of the land.

Although living in Devon we are situated in a frost pocket and have been known to get temperatures as low as -15C. This reflects on the hardiness of our plants which with the exception of some of our South African bulbs are grown without any artificial heat.

It is the aim to slowly increase the size of the nursery thus increasing the range of plants grown. It is, however, our intention to control this growth so we can concentrate in producing good quality plants in a clean, well kept environment.

For more up-to-date news about the nursery see 'News and Events'.