The Alpine Garden Society -

The Society is for anyone interested not just in alpine and rockery plants but also a wide range of hardy plants and bulbs that are suitable for the modern or traditional garden and small space.

Please don't be put off by the name ALPINE. Many members, including ourselves, grow an eclectic selection of plants, especially the smaller herbaceous plants, including plants suitable for shady conditions, dry sunny sites plus a wide range of hardy and not so hardy bulbs.

There is an excellent colour Journal and Newsletter, a wide selection of books at discounted prices to members, a seed exchange, shows at 26 venues throughout the U. K., workshops, the Societies own garden at Pershore College and many local groups where you can meet some lovely people who will share your interest and passion for plants and gardens.

Plant Heritage (formally the N.C.C.P.G.) -

The NCCPG's aims are to: encourage the propagation and conservation of garden plants in the British Isles, both species and cultivars; encourage and conduct research into cultivated plants, their origins, their historical and cultural importance and their environments; encourage the education of the public in garden plant conservation.

NCCPG membership entitles you to attend activities across the U.K. including:

The Royal Horticultural Society -

A web site with regularly updated information of use to gardeners, including access to the online version of the RHS Plantfinder. The RHS is the main UK society for all kinds of horticulture. Its Horticultural Database and infomation about plants are particularly useful.

The Hardy Plant Society -

The Hardy Plant Society exists to stimulate interest in growing hardy herbaceous plants. Benefits of joining the HPS include -