Welcome to Tale Valley Nursery

We are a small specialist nursery producing an ever increasing range of alpines, bulbs, herbaceous woodland plants and ferns. We grow a selection of winter and summer growing South African bulbs, specialising in Rhodohypoxis and x Rhodoxis to which we were granted National Collection status in 2007. Another of our recent specialities includes Miniature Dwarf Bearded Iris and Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris. We are extending the range of cultivars of these beautiful, very popular and easy to grow plants on an annual basis.

Our aim is to supply a wide range of high quality plants along with a high standard of customer care.

PLEASE NOTE: We are sorry but we are NOT open for visitors and do NOT sell plants by mail order. Our plants can by purchased at the many horticultural shows and plant sales that we attend throughout the year. Click HERE for Shows and Plant Sales dates.
However, Rhodohypoxis bulbs can be obtained from us by mail order. Click HERE to see our Catalogue page.

******************PLEASE NOTE*********************
We are now taking orders for Rhodohypoxis
and x Rhodoxis for 2017.
You are welcome to place an order from February onwards until we notify you otherwise. However, please note we will NOT despatch the plants until they are showing signs of growth and we are sure we are sending live, healthy plants. The date when we will start posting plants will depend on the weather conditions etc. We will endeavour to keep customers informed when possible.

Below is a selection of plants and bulbs we had available for mail order
and at Shows and Plant Sales in 2017.

From left to right above - Allium shelkovnikovii, Asarum maximum and Rhodohypoxis mixed cultivars.
From left to right above - Gladiolus tristis, Kniphofia 'Erecta' and Maianthemum aff. salvinii.

From left to right above - Iris 'Peresh', fruit of Arum concinnatum,
Cypripedium 'Sunny' and Iris 'Jazzamatazz,

Chris and Lorraine Birchall,
Tale Valley Nursery,
Tel : 01884 277614